Khamis, Disember 31, 2009

1 Day to go before 2010..

Dear All,
Time flies another day to go before 2010.. 

Wishing you all the best in the coming year.

Wishing you a wonderful Chocolatesnew month and a happy new year in advance.    
Don't Cubicles too hard but work smart.  May your boss appreciate you and say Thumbs Up Good Job.  
Take care of yourselfDreaming.    Pamper yourself and buy some beautifulShopping Wedding Dress.  
Don't worry coz   Dollar   will come from above.   May you also purchase  or change a House  and a Car.      
May the days ahead be busy but easy Watching The Clock,     Relax  and  go CruisingPilotaround the world.   It's important to have good health,  therefore, eat more AppleBroccoliCarrots  and Corn, but not too much Fat Fat Guy.
Do remember to Tennis at least once a week.    Don't Good Vs Evil with your sweetheart, and be generous to say Hug And KissI
 Love You.    

Here's wishing you well in December 2009Aging and best wishes to all your Family Portrait  in the coming year 2010!


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