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Ministry staff to feel at home while at work

TheStarTuesday December 22, 2009
Ministry staff to feel at home while at work

KUALA LUMPUR: After 29 years of battling traffic jams for four hours each day going to work and home, Norhayati Zakaria is now looking forward to living without the stress — thanks to the Works Ministry’s work-from-home scheme.

Norhayati and 38 others were chosen to work from home in a pilot project to be carried out over a three-month trial period from Jan 1.

The Kajang resident said she was excited about using the four hours to spend more quality time with her family instead of being in a traffic jam.

Pioneers: Norhayati (second from right) and some of the other ministry staff who will be working from home from Jan 1.

The saving of RM15 for petrol per day is another attraction.

To reach her office in Mid-Valley Megamall, the Statistics and Civil Engineering Department officer usually leaves her house at 6.30am to reach the office two hours later.

She gets home at about 8pm.

“I can work from anywhere as long as I can deliver all the requirements.

“In return for this measure of goodwill from the ministry, I will make sure I deliver quality work,” promised the married 48-year-old who stays with her mother.

Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor said at the programme launch yesterday that the ministry was expected to save some RM1,500 per participant a month with the reduced expenses on office space, parking, utilities and other operational costs.

In Putrajaya, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the Government had not decided on the work-from-home policy as he needed to see if the pilot project yielded the desired results.

“We have to try out first,” Bernama quoted him as saying.

I'm volunteer to work at home..Save more than RM400 monthly. At the same time can monitor my children activities. Its about Costs vs Benefits Analysis for both employer/employees. Employer may use birthdate metaphysics in selecting integrity and productive employees to this program.

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