Jumaat, Februari 12, 2010

Shell Winner to Buy House

NST ONLINE 2010/02/11

ALOR STAR: Housewife Raziana Ismail is getting a new home soon, courtesy of Shell Malaysia, for her husband has won first place in the company's RM100,000 Weekly Cash Contest.

Amran Yusof, 43, said he was lost for words when he was informed that he was the contest's Week 9 grand prize winner last week.

"I have never won any contest before," he said after receiving a RM100,000 cheque from the firm's retail manager, Calvin Eng, at a Shell petrol station in Simpang Ampat yesterday.

The auxiliary policeman said the win was timely since Raziana had recently expressed her wish for a better home for their four children.

Cubalah, sekurang-kurangnya ada peluang untuk menang..ianya mudah $ praktikal!

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