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Consultant wins RM21,350 with SMSes worth RM80

TheStar,Sunday March 28, 2010
PETALING JAYA: It took two weeks of diligently listening to the radio, sending RM80 worth of SMSes and a stroke of luck for digital consultant Surin Raj to win a RM21,350 jackpot in Red FM’s “40 Minutes in 4 Seconds” contest.

“It feels unreal. I am shocked,” said Surin, who was the second winner of the contest started by the station this month.The previous winner won RM15,400.The contest offered a total cash prize of RM50,000, with winners selected from listeners who correctly named the titles of nine songs and their singers. The songs are aired in a four-second clip broadcast daily.

Raj said he sent 160 SMSes to Red FM to shore up his chances of being selected to participate.“I was at home listening to the contest broadcasts and I kept texting RedFM. I sent so many SMSes that my phone got barred from sending any more,” he said in an interview.

Raj said he would use the money to settle the loan he took to buy a condominium unit.
Red FM deejay Aly said the last round of the contest would be held tomorrow, adding that the station received thousands of SMSes each day during the contest.

She said listeners still had the chance to win a final prize of RM3,000, adding that the contest would only be on the RedFM Breakfast Show aired from 6am to 10am.
RedFM advertising and promotions executive Nicole Kew said more contests would be held in April such as “Word Up” and “What’s The Movie,” offering attractive cash prizes.

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