Isnin, Mac 29, 2010

Household Financial Decision Makers

Mastercard: More Women Regard Themselves As Household Financial Decision Makers

KUALA LUMPUR, March 29 (Bernama) -- Women across the Asia-Pacific are feeling slightly more empowered in making financial decisions in household spending, according to MasterCard Worldwide.

This year, the score of its Index Of Women's Advancement has seen an increase of 1.10 to 85.57 from 84.47 last year.

Malaysia, ranked fourth among 14 Asia-Pacific countries, has seen a growth to 93.51 this year from 66.96 in 2009, MasterCard Worldwide said in a statement Monday.

"Women continue to make strides in labour force participation and tertiary education enrolment. We are glad to see this is translating into a greater sense of self-worth in terms of earning capabilities," said MasterCard Worldwide's vice president, communications, of Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa, Georgette Tan.

"This also explains the reason of more women are seeing themselves as the major financial decision maker in their households," she said.

The research also showed women in 11 out of 14 countries seeing themselves as the financial decision maker in household spending.


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