Khamis, Mac 18, 2010

If you "S.P.O.T." a Scam, do the "L.I.S.T."

(Petikan Artikel dari Malaysian Investors)

When you least expect it, you may be faced with an investment scam and even before you can draw your next breath, you may find yourself trapped! Investment scams always promise unprecedented returns beyond your wildest imagination. Delivered in a sweetest possible sales pitch, it can easily trap any unsuspecting prey. Even if you can avoid it, someone close to you may not. So how do you identify scams?

Do the S.P.O.T. test
Here are four simple tests you can apply whenever you are offered an "extremely high return with no risk" investment:
img_SPOT_1.jpg  img_SPOT_1a.jpg
img_SPOT_2.jpg   img_SPOT_2a.jpg
img_SPOT_3.jpg   img_SPOT_3a.jpg
img_SPOT_4.jpg   img_SPOT_4a.jpg
 If an investment offer fulfils the "S.P.O.T" test, do the "L.I.S.T":
img_LIST_1.jpg   img_LIST_1a.jpg
img_LIST_2.jpg   img_LIST_2a.jpg
img_LIST_3.jpg   img_LIST_3a.jpg
img_LIST_4.jpg   img_LIST_4a.jpg
Get them before they get you
Many people have been tricked into investing in scams. But the number that come forward to complain is small. Most would cite "bad luck" as the reason for their losses. This attitude only encourages scams to proliferate. If you come forward with information of a scam, you could help the SC get to them first before it gets its next victim who could be someone close to you.
Remember if you see the SPOT, do the LIST. If you identify a scam, let the SC Investor Affairs & Complaints Department know immediately at 03-6204 8999. 

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