Rabu, Ogos 18, 2010

Analysts expect up to 20 sen hike per 20-cigarette pack

Written by Koo Jie Ni   
theedge,Tuesday, 17 August 2010 15:37
KUALA LUMPUR: Analysts project an increase of 10 to 20 sen per cigarette pack of 20 sticks stemming from the new cess of half a sen per stick as reported recently.

This represents a hike of up to 2% for a cigarette pack retailing at RM9.30.

“Although the tax will amount to 10 sen per pack, we have seen from past experience that cigarette manufacturers tend to increase the selling price above the additional taxes to make up for possible loss of sales,” said an analyst.

He added that cigarette companies have been able to wholly pass on their costs to consumers, hence there was little chance of them subsidising the increase.

2bz4money: Eloklah berhenti saja merokok dan buat tabungan yang lebih bermanafaat..

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