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Man wins Mercedes by going on shopping spree

By Sheila Sri Priya

Chan Chee Wah jumping for joy over his win. — Picture by Aizuddin Saad
Chan Chee Wah jumping for joy over his win. — Picture by Aizuddin Saad
KUALA LUMPUR: Positive thinking, determination and family support helped a sales manager to win a Mercedes-Benz C200K at the “Got Score Cash and Cars” contest organised by MBF Cards (M) Sdn Bhd. Chan Chee Wah, 34, said said he had made thousands of ringgit worth of transactions shopping for groceries in May and emerged as the winner of the contest.

Chan said: “Most of the grocery items that I bought to earn points for the contest are still stored in my house.

“I owe a big thank you to my wife, daughter and other family members who encouraged me to participate in the contest,

“I was determined to win the car and only had positive thoughts in my mind,” he said.

The Mercedes-Benz is the first of five luxury cars to be won by a MBF card holder. In the next seven months of the ‘Got Score Cash and Cars’ contest card holders have the chance to win a BMW 320i Sports, Volkswagen Scirocco, Mini Cooper S and Audi A4 1.8T.

The contest was launched on May 1 and ends next February. To participate, card holders need to make a minimum of five transactions worth RM50 in a single receipt within a two-month period.

Each transaction will earn the card holder points. The card holder who and the most amount of scores the most points within the two-month period will win the car.

Card holders with the next four highest points will each win RM2,500. On a daily basis the card holder who scores the most number of points will win RM1,000.

MBF Cards Malaysia president John Ding said the contest’s main objective was to reward card holders. He said the contest rewards were worth a total of RM3 million.

“Someone asked me if the company makes a profit from this contest. We do not profit from the contest. It is the way we reward customers,” he added.

2bz4money:  Tidak perlu shopping berhabis-habisan untuk menang hadiah. Ikut kemampuan; kalau dah rezeki, tak ke mana..

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