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Found money..what do you do?

Related two stories with different scenario..

No. 1: Motorists risk lives to collect coins strewn on highway

By SARBAN SINGH ,Wednesday January 19, 2011

REMBAU: An accident that resulted in about RM75,000 worth of coins being strewn on a highway saw motorists risking their lives as they scrambled to get the money.
They parked their vehicles haphazardly along KM234 of the North-South Expressway and scooped the coins into helmets, pockets, plastic bags and whatever else that they could find until they were stopped by the police.
Some were seen squatting on the highway to collect the 10 sen, 20 sen and 50 sen coins and refused to budge despite pleas from the owners, who were on their way to distribute the coins to stores in Malacca.
Loose change: PLUS personnel clearing the coins from the highway yesterday
Others ran to the middle and fast lanes to collect them with no regard for their safety.
The accident occurred at 4pm yesterday when a BMW, which was travelling south from Kuala Lumpur, crashed into the rear of a Toyota Hilux, causing its driver to lose control of his vehicle and crash into the embankment.
The impact caused a steel box in which the coins were kept at the rear section of the Hilux to be flung out.
State traffic chief Asst Supt Abdul Halil Hamzah said his men, who witnessed the frenzy, had to stop motorists from taking the coins and endangering their lives.
The driver of the Hilux, Zairul Hisham Mansor, 28, said he was travelling with a friend from Shah Alam to Malacca to distribute the coins.

Motorists rushing to pick up coins strewn all over the road on the North- South Expressway near Seremban. Others, oblivious to danger, even ran to the middle and fast lanes to collect the coins. 
No. 2: Honest trash collector returns RM115,659
Yang (left) returning the money to Lin (right)
Yang (left) returning the money to Lin (right)

An honest trash collector in Taiwan returned NT1.1mil (RM115,659) which she picked up from the street to the owner.
Yang Huang Mu-dan, 67, also refused to take the three-per cent reward she was entitled to.
However, after much persuasion, she agreed to take a NT$3,000 (RM315) ang pow.
"I have not seen so much money before. If I take it, I would feel guilty for the rest of my life.
"The person who lost it must be very anxious," said Yang of Yilan, who earns a monthly household income of about NT$50,000 (RM5,254).
Her honesty has been highly praised by the police and her neighbours, most of whom said that Yang had made them proud.
Yang is respected for her honesty
Yang is respected for her honesty

Yang, who only received primary education, has been takings care of her six children alone after her husband died 25 years ago.
On Saturday morning, after collecting some recyclable items from the market, she found the bag containing the cash.
In an attempt to return the money, she rushed to the nearest police station, where she met the anxious accountant - identified only as Lin.
Lin said she was to have banked in the takings of her workplace. But as she walked to the car, her phone rang, so she placed the bag on the boot.
After answering the call, she drove away, completely forgetting about the bag.
The 37-year-old woman drove for about 1km before she realised what she had done.

She thanked Yang repeatedly.
Source: Apple Daily, Published Jan 24 2011 

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